Product Description

The KRANX PowerStik is an amazing new way to enjoy your longboard or skateboard – with drill-power! The assembly is easy to install and easy to use. All you need is a battery powered hand drill and your board and you’re ready to roll. Click here for some answers to some frequently asked questions. This cool drill-powered skateboard assembly is unique and sure to turn heads wherever you go.

KRANX PowerStik Assembly Includes:

  • 3 – 80mm ‘KRANX’ wheels
  • 1 – 80mm drive wheel
  • 1 Set of 8 wheel bearings
  • 1 Drive hub (shown threaded on drive wheel)
  • 1 Hub removal tool (not shown)
  • 1 Magnetic hub protector
  • 1 Powerstik drive shaft
  • 1 Set of 2 – 6mm thick riser pads
  • 8 – 10/32 x 1.5″ long truck hardware (nuts and bolts – total 16 pieces) to accommodate risers.