Yes, we’ve had a few questions. Most of them are pretty awesome, but there are a few that we get a lot. Here are some answers to common questions we receive about the KRANX PowerStik. If you have any other questions, please feel free to connect with us and we’ll be happy to answer. All you need to do is click the “+” sign to see the answers.

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Ok, you’re right… I should be using one. If you go on YouTube and check out my earlier videos from around a year ago, I was wearing one. What happened, I’m not sure; I guess I fell off the wagon. Time to get back on!We will be uploading some new videos and photos in the near future where you’ll see helmets being used… most of the time.


Jon Kroeker, co-founder of KRANX Powerstik, is a regular footer. He came on board with me after first trying out my earliest of prototypes. He still likes to boot around during the day when he gets a chance in order to take a break from stresses of owning a machining shop. It’s a stress reliever!

This, too, depends. If you have a larger capacity battery set with your drill ,you will go farther and obviously last longer. Drills come with batteries typically in the 1.5 – 5.2 Amp Hour range. The 5 Amp Hour batteries have just been coming out in the last year. It’s pretty exciting to see the improvements in battery technology! These 5 Amp Hour batteries are typically the same size and weight of their 4 Amp Hour counterparts which is great.For me, I now use a Milwaukee 18V Fuel. My drill set came with 2 batteries plus one bonus battery – all 4 Amp Hours each. I was pretty stoked when I starter to experience rides with one battery that would take me on flat land up to 5 Km! So with one battery on the drill and another in my pocket I have made 10 Km trips. Sometimes I take a total of 3 batteries which give me up to 15 Km.Of course, your experience may be different. A lot of drills come with 1.5 Amp Hour batteries.

I tell people all the time that “It’s one battery to get you there, one to get you back.”

If you are looking at total time cruising that also depends on whether you are going “all out’ or not. If I keep the trigger pinned down the whole time on flat land it’s roughly, for my drill, around 12-15 run time as far as I recall. I don’t, however, usually have it pinned. When I take one or two spare batteries with me I am usually gone for an hour plus on a round trip.

Well, in short, it depends.

It’s really all up to you and what drill you choose to power you board. I go approximately 20-23 Kmh (12 – 14 Mph) on flat land using my Milwaukee 18V Fuel. Of course if you are going down an incline it will be faster or up an incline it will be slower. Rider weight is a factor as well. I am around 195lbs.

What we have found is that it varies considerably. I personally have a Milwaukee 18V Fuel with 4 Amp Hour batteries and on flat land I can travel 4-5 KM or 2.5-3 miles. I usually take another battery or two which bumps me up to 10 – 15 Km distance. The speed is 21 -23 Km/hour depending on grade and rider weight. The amount of load (affected by rider weight, incline, decline, and speed etc.) will determine run time.To answer your question directly: For me, at around 195 lbs I think that I have had around 15 min. run time per 4 amp hour battery on normal flat land roads. With the extra battery or two I take with me me in my back pocket(s) then that time is doubled at around .5 hour or tripled at around .75 of an hour -roughly. I tell people that with two batteries think of it as it’s “one to get you there, one to get you back.”By the way, a number of quality manufacturers are producing 5Ah battery drill now – including Milwaukee and Makita. This increased capacity apparently comes with no extra weight or size – cool!

Hope that helps!

You are correct to say that you would swap out your wheels for the Powerstik’s. What is meant by “it’s on in a second, it’s off in a second” is that once the wheels are on with the drive wheel then you can attach or remove the drive shaft in a very brief amount of time. We also have a magnetic wheel cover for the drive hub when you are riding without power.The wheels I am using are 80mm diameter 83A durometer. I like them a lot. This hardness is kind of middle of the road. They are not too soft – so they roll fast, but are also larger than many wheels – so they roll smooth. Kind of the best of both worlds in my opinion. I tried a number of other wheels with different durometers, sizes, and shapes and found these ones to work the best.Also the kit comes with 4 riser pads to allow for a height increase of up to 1/2 inch (12mm) in order to provide clearance for these wheels if you need it. Hardware is also included for this purpose. This is just to eliminate the chance of ‘wheel bite’. Obviously, a person can also tighten the king pin too.

I just went out last night bombing around and had loads of fun on them.

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