The KRANX PowerStik is unlike anything you’ve seen before; It’s a drill powered skateboard!

… say what?!… That’s right, the PowerStik is an apparatus which enables you to motorize your own skateboard using a cordless drill.

Your board. Your power!

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The KRANX PowerStik is one of those things that comes along and you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Our PowerStik enables you to synergize two uniquely awesome things: your skateboard or longboard and a cordless drill!

The cool thing is, the assembly installs on any board you have in roughly 2 – 5 minutes.

Furthermore, once installed, you can attach or remove the ‘PowerStik’ drive shaft in around a second. You can either have it off and use your board like normal with foot pushing or you can click it on for a ‘power cruise’.  It’s easy to install, simple to use, and wicked fun!

“Best invention I’ve seen. Where do I get one and how much?”
Mitch Baldwin, Comment on Facebook
“Hello… I would just like to know is there anywhere in Australia I can get one? They’re amazing and I would like to try one out.”
Spud Danger, Comment on Facebook
Hey there. My name is TJ. I have never heard of you guys until 5 minutes ago but you have the most absolutely amazing idea ever. It’s something every household has and is genius. I love the idea. You could not have come up with a more simple and usable design. I commend your ingenuity. Absolutely brilliant.
Where can I buy your product? It looks awesome – definitely for me and my son to cruise around the park with this!
Allan Melo Laxamana, Comment on Facebook